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All Wheel Drive VTEC Mini!
VTEC Mini Rear Wheel Drive Kit!more pics here
VTEC Austin America Kit!
VTEC Austin America Kit!more pics here

If your Mini needs a more powerful, more reliable engine than the venerable A-series a Honda VTEC engine swap is the way to go!

Here you will find VTEC Mini conversion kits, VTEC mini parts, VTEC mini articles, and galleries of VTEC Mini conversion projects.

Car & Driver Magazine: "The Mini Tec VTEC is one of the fastest, and, um, furious-est, drives south of a Z06. Just look at the numbers from the one we tested-1792 pounds and a claimed 220 horsepower. The Honda engine was originally for the Acura Integra Type R and was rated for 195 horsepower."

Locating a motor.

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